The Journey

The purpose of this blog is to document my journey in striving to develop as an enterprise network architect. This includes developing my skills as a technologist, engineer and subject matter expert as well as growing in my understanding of business drivers, process and resource management.

The major stepping stones along the way will be acquiring several major certifications such as the Open Group’s Certified Master (level 3) IT Architect (Open CA), Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) and the ultimate goal: Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr). There are currently far less than 100 CCDEs in the world, which is the prerequisite to the CCAr.

With due diligence I will try to document my development along the path such as lessons learned, major epiphanies and major setbacks. I will be sure to share my source study material, study routines and programs as well as a reviews of these.

From time to time I will look back to reflect on where I have come from and what steps I took in my development so far. We will try to see if there are any valuable lessons to extract along the way. My hope is that I can help forge a path towards a new era of technologists who call themselves Architects. I also hope that I can help build a clear picture of what it takes to achieve these goals so that my readers can extract valuable lessons from my successes and mistakes.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

The Profession

The second objective of this blog is to evaluate the similarities and contrasts between engineering and architecture. I would like to have a solid definition and understanding of what constitutes high level network engineer and architect. Once we understand and agree on what roles the two sides should fulfill and what skills they should posses we can then look at the career progression of each and identify a clear path in the development of each.

In other words Architect to end state. If we understand exactly what one should be we can look back and find the path of least resistance to arrive at the desired result.

5 comments on “Purpose

  1. I’m entering the Networking field and i would like to get some advice. I’m pursing my degree in Network design and management, and I would appreciate some general advice going into the field such as what I should be looking for/studying outside of my coursework.

    • It is a great field, lots of unique challenges and opportunities. Start with the bread and butter Cisco certifications probably but don’t get stuck there. Quickly branch out. You might want to look into some basic Python programming as well. There is a lot of talk about DevOps which is basically a fusion of programmers and networking specialists. Programming is always good to know but specifically it may put you ahead in a nice niche for DevOps jobs in the future.

  2. Came across your blog and liked it so much – I have read it from “bottom to top”. I like the ambition, the drive and the real world business/development view you have. Live in Scotland – Just finished my masters (focused more on Web Application dev -Ruby/Rails/JavaScript/php and systems design). Have about 9 years of experience in IT, all in Nigeria. (…Have you gotten any of those “I am an oil dealer from Nigeria” mails yet? Hmmmm). Oil prices low so job market slow here in the oil capital of Europe. So while job hunting, have started preparing for CCIE R/S – hard at reading and labbing now. Attending the INE bootcamp in London in July…wife’s company paid for me and for the exam – have it as an INE voucher. What else…expecting my first child anytime from now. Will keep reading your blog. Cheers

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