9 comments on “CCIE training vendor review

  1. Great post. Very interesting. I’m using INE 100% but I’m trying to mix it up with some ASET labs, I think those are similar to Cisco 360. 360 is unfortunately a bit expensive but you do get some insider tips.

    • Thanks for your comments. The 360 program can be pricey but the good news is larger organizations can use Cisco credits to pay for the training.

      May I ask do you know how to get access to the ASET labs? Do you know if you need to work for Cisco or a gold partner or can any sales organization sign SEs up for the program?

  2. Narbik’s classes and workbooks aren’t based on Cisco 360. Narbik has his own materials and his own bootcamps. He is an authorized reseller of Cisco 360. If you attend one of his camps, he can sell you the Cisco 360 program as a side item.

    That being said Narbik’s materials are top notch. His focus is almost entirely based on learning the technologies to the most intricate level of detail without focusing on “the 007 stuff” as he puts it.

    Narbik makes the setup of his labs as simple as possible. For example, with two routers you can learn as much about DHCP as you would if you had a full rack of gear. Almost all of Narbik’s workbooks (excluding switch stuff) can be easily done on directly Dynamips which is a huge bonus. His labs are quick and to the point.

    Narbik’s workbooks are better than INE vol I in IMHO. Narbik’s troubleshooting workbook is excellent as well. Narbik’s downfall is there are almost no full scale labs like an INE vol II. He figures if you know the technology well enough, you really don’t need to worry about time management or other strategy aspects. Many people have passed using his method. He boasts an 85% eventual pass rate from his bootcamps. He has even had some classes were 100% have passed.

    • Thanks for the excellent feedback. I have a college who just finished a one week class with Narbik and purchased the 360 workbook through that. I have not had a chance to go in depth with him on the content of the classes and workbooks.

      The reason I say that INE lab book 1 has no equal is the synergy between the two lab books 1 & 2. When you complete lab book 1 you have a pretty good understanding of the technologies themselves. Lab book 2 puts that all together while re-enforcing and enhancing the technology by technology understanding.

      It’s also good to note that IPExpert also has some very competitive products and I have not looked into their material in depth as of late.

      This blog was meant more as a comparison of the vendors I used. More to the point I wanted to bring out the differences between the 360 program and independent training vendors as well.

  3. I took the INE twelve-day camp in January/February 2011 (six days classroom w/ Brian McGahan, six days mock labs w/ Petr). Full disclaimer: a blizzard rolled through on day 9, which impacted things for days 10-12. I then took the IP experts mock lab week in July 2011 with Marko. For me, Marko was the best by far. I did struggle in both, but I came with a ton of real-world prep and next-to-nothing of workbook study, and that’s my own doing.

    • Thanks for the IPExpert feedback. As you can see I did not go with IPExpert but I have heard a lot of good things about them. I may try taking a CCIE Security class through them just to try them out. As I understand it they have been making a lot of progress in the last 2 or 3 years.

  4. Narbik’s workbooks are definitely the best in the industry. I have used the WBs from all vendors. Having said so, I really like the recent topology by INE based on CSR1000V. Being able to load the initial config for each lab in 5 sec. across all routers with “config replace” is excellent. I wish Narbik went in that direction.

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